TST Loyalty Program: Earn Play Points

When you shop from our online store you can earn play points for every purchase. Accumulate the play points to unlock exciting gift vouchers. You can also earn Play Points by completing different tasks. Earning Play Points is fun, let's get into it.

How to earn Play Points?

1. Sign up for an account and start earning with 200 play points

2. Make a purchase. We will credit you 1 play point for every single rupee you spent for your order. eg. If you place an order of ₹2500 you will earn 2500 play points.

3. Open your reward points dashboard and complete different tasks like social share and follow, to earn play points.

How to redeem Play Points?

Accumulate Play Points to unlock exciting discount vouchers which you can redeem on your next purchases. These discount coupons will be displayed once you earn the minimum Play Points required to unlock. 

Required Play Points Discount Voucher Value
2000 ₹200
3000 ₹300
4000 ₹400
5000 ₹750
7500 ₹1000

Redeem the discount vouchers on the checkout page.



  • No two discount vouchers can be clubbed together.
  • Discount vouchers or Play Points can not be exchanged for cash and is valid for single use only.
  • Discount vouchers can be redeemed on online purchases from www.theshirttheory.com only.