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Fabrics: What Makes our shirt great

The Composition: 100% Egyptian Giza

All TST shirts are made from superfine 100% Giza cotton yarn. There are two different variations of the Giza cotton fibers: extra-long staple cotton and long staple cotton. Extra-long staple cottons are premium quality cottons, used in luxury and upmarket brands worldwide, referred as Egyptian Giza Cotton.

Giza cotton is the finest cotton yet likely to produce one of the strongest fabrics when woven. Special attention is taken during the cultivation which make it a much cleaner cotton. Natural cleanliness has the benefits of less brushing of the fibers, therefore keeping the natural structure of the fibers intact and avoiding chemicals (like bleach) to make the cotton ‘white’.

The elimination of irregular and inferior particles is all done by hand. Piece by piece the cotton is sifted through in, it takes careful and skillful techniques to really make the most of the extra-long staple fibers. Egyptian Giza Cotton is rare and hence expensive. Giza cotton is grown in a very small area on the Nile Delta (the most fertile area of Egypt where rain, sun, humidity and soil combine to produce a climatic perfection) in Egypt. The perfect climatic conditions result in Giza cotton, the best cotton in the world.

Working with some of the world’s greatest fabric mills across Italy and Japan, we select the authentic Giza cotton (extra-long staple cottons) fabrics only for our customers. We carefully pick the precise colors, patterns and construction to offer our customers exemplary look and ultimate comfort. Browse our wide range of luxurious fabric collections. To know more in detail please visit our article on fabric.